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@brian_bilston Often I swerve my bike, to cross the path of black cats, and then hope, it's not, unlucky for them. #blackcatappreciationday 4 hours ago in reply to brian_bilston

Leaving work early to stockpile Walnut Whips in case there's a frenzied buying up of #WalnutWhips. 1 day ago

#NationalLemonMeringuePieDay and #WalnutWhips National Mourning Day… 1 day ago

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Thanks for visiting. We’re a small, dynamic publisher based in Glasgow, Scotland and we hope you like our books.

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Waverley publishes real cloth tartan stationery notebooks and journals and books. We publish books of Scottish-interest, food and drink, fiction and humour. If you wish to be a stockist, please contact us via the 'contact us' tab,

Waverley Books is an imprint of The Gresham Publishing Company.

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Geddes & Grosset logoGeddes and Grosset publishes mass market reference books and started as a publishing list over 25 years ago.

It is an imprint of the Gresham Publishing Company.

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