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Do the Waverley Commonplace notebooks take fountain pen ink?

Hello. We are often asked if the Waverley Commonplace Notebooks and Journals can take fountain pen ink?

We use the same 80gsm smooth paper in all of the notebooks, which is an acid-free, FSC paper. (The boards are made from recycled material). Our Guest Book has a beautiful cream heavier weight paper at 120gsm paper. If you are reading this as a blogger, or store, we'd love to send you a sample of our notebooks so you can test them out for yourself. Despite being publishers and using hi-tech tools to produce our books today, we are all notebook, journal and diary addicts and have been since our early years.

Several bloggers and reviewers have tested the notebooks and journals over the past four years and here are some of their views, reproduced with their permission:

"On graphite and fountain pen test the paper did well. It’s not heavy, so there is some show through, but the ink laid down crisply with no feathering. There isn’t a lot of finish to the paper, so the FP nibs have a lot of feedback, but not unpleasant. I’d call both FP and graphite use quite suitable for use." - Gary Varner

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We are always keen to hear feedback and to know what you think. Please get in touch and share your thoughts. We use comments to aid our notebook range development. Many thanks from all at Waverley in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.

A picture of Waverley notebook with ink A picture of Waverley notebook with ink A picture of Waverley notebook with ink A picture of Waverley notebook with ink