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Thank you very much for this Publishing Scotland. Lovely and have a happy Thursday!… 4 hours ago

Bit of Glasgow banter this am from our Govan postie for all our team workers locked down in Edinburgh : What's the……4 hours ago

"The long slow road to retail recovery in Scotland is going to take several months and I have low expectations" - M……1 week ago

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Books about the history of Glasgow, trains in Scotland, music and how concert halls developed in Glasgow, the past and fond memories, dance halls, and where people met; The Glasgow Cookery Book, and how people used to train for the catering profession. Glasgow Word Search - where you will learn a lot about Glasgow's past; Whisky, Wit and Wisdom - lots of jokes, acerbic comments and witty banter about whisky; A Scottish Tradition - the book by Deidre Kinloch Anderson about the 150 year old history of Kinloch Anderson, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland; Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel - a history of this magnificent hotel at Central Station, Glasgow; Writing on the Road by Sue Reid Sexton, a travel autobiography about campervans, and marital breakdown, and travelling alone.

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A Scottish Tradition: Tailors and Kiltmakers, Tartan and Highland Dress since 1868A Scottish Tradition: Tailors and Kiltmakers, Tartan and Highland Dress since 1868Our price: £25.00ViewAvailable nowAre Ye Dancin’?  The Story of Scotland's Dance Halls, Rock n Roll – And How Your Da met your MawAre Ye Dancin’? The Story of Scotland's Dance Halls, Rock n Roll – And How Your Da met your MawOur price: £9.99ViewAre Ye Dancin’ is a light look at personal stories and insider views of Scotland’s dance halls. There used to be more than 600 dance halls in Scotland, and the part they have played in Scottish culture after the 1950s is large. If you are nostalgic for the past, or are interested in just how great the dance hall scene was, this book with stories and pictures will entertain. Eddie Tobin captures the wit and humour of the characters in the dance halls across Scotland where he worked, with his own memories of what made this scene tick in a career that spans 50 years. Eddie’s introductions are followed by anecdotes and stories from people who worked in the halls, with people who went dancing there. In an easy-to-read style this book has more than 100 photographs, and is great for reading cover to cover, or just to dip into.Dear Green Sounds: Glasgow’s Music Through Time and BuildingsDear Green Sounds: Glasgow’s Music Through Time and BuildingsOur price: £15.00ViewGlasgow is home to music. From the Apollo to Barrowland and The SECC, and Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall to The Old Scotia Bar, Glasgow is known throughout the world for its music and live venues. It is the live venues that become the heart of any music community, and Glasgow – like no other city outside London – has thrived on adding new venues to make it possible for visiting musicians of all types to be welcomed in the city.Glasgow has been home to chants, madrigals, grand opera, rock and roll, piano sonatas, rhythm and blues, ragtime, piping and music of every genre. We decided to tell the story of Glasgow’s music through its venues, spanning the history from earliest origins to the present day. The venues are the places people have thronged, to be part of the city’s passion with music.Centuries of music are covered in this book which is fully illustrated throughout. The history of music and performance are represented - composers, virtuoso instrumentalists, orchestras, choirs, singers, conductors, impresarios, bands, acts and soloists who have been welcomed by Glasgow audiences over the years. As such the book is a collection of memories and stories about the people who have performed in the city, and range from Moore and Burgess Minstrels of the 1880s, to Mario Lanza, Frank Sinatra, Orange Juice, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie to Celtic Connections and visiting bands and orchestras from all over the world.Discovering Scotland's Lost RailwaysDiscovering Scotland's Lost RailwaysOur price: £30.00ViewAuthor: Julian HollandGlasgow Kisses: Valentines from the ClassroomGlasgow Kisses: Valentines from the ClassroomOur price: £4.99ViewAuthor: Nora NaughtonGlasgow Wordsearch: 101 Glasgow-themed puzzlesGlasgow Wordsearch: 101 Glasgow-themed puzzlesOur price: £5.99ViewGlasgow Wordsearch from Waverley Scotland in Glasgow has 101 wordsearch puzzles with the city of Glasgow as a theme. The Clyde, the river Kelvin, the Barras, the Citizens theatre, Sauchiehall Street, Byres Road, the Empire, the Pavilion, Lobey Dosser and Big Chief Toffee Teeth, Francie and Josie, Jack and Victor, the Hoops, the Gers... Puzzles about places, people, sport, comedy, heritage, art and music with a link to the Dear Green Place. These wordsearches are easy and fun and very nostalgic. From these puzzles you will get a glimpse of a vibrant changing city, with its rough edges and rough diamonds, its culture and community. We give you a taste of the historical highs and lows of a real working town that never stands still. Enjoy nostalgic memories of long-lost favourites, gone but not forgotten, and hear about some Glasgow 'must-sees' and contemporary places to be. A puzzle book with a heart that's in the city.
Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel: Glasgow’s most loved hotelGlasgow’s Grand Central Hotel: Glasgow’s most loved hotelOur price: £25.00ViewAuthors: Jill Scott and Bill HicksGod Bless Mrs McGinty!  My Life and The Sunday PostGod Bless Mrs McGinty! My Life and The Sunday PostOur price: £9.99ViewEntertaining, lively, informative and direct, this memoir by Bill Anderson about his life and times as the editor of one of the UK's most successful Sunday newspapers chronicles a special view of Scotland, and The Sunday Post itself, from the late 1930s to the 1980s. The memoir was written in 1982 while Bill Anderson was recovering from a near-fatal car accident. The manuscript remained undiscovered until 2014 when Bill's wife Maggie came across it when she was clearing out her desk -– 'not before time' he would probably have said. The manuscript was entitled 'Who the Hell is Bill Anderson?' Here it is, and it is a fascinating account of childhood in working-class Scotland in the 1930s and 40s, of the wee boy who would grow up to edit the best-read newspaper in the world, The Sunday Post. The autobiography tells of Bill's broad experience from his working-class roots, through childhood, later aboard the MV Marilyn Abbott, then his medical training at Glasgow University via Hartwood Hospital and his Army days, together with the adventures that only an Hon Man could encounter that gave him a fairly unique insight and perspective. As editor of The Sunday Post he was passionate, tenacious, campaigning and demanding. In 1990 Bill left the editor's chair to become managing editor, and the following year he won a Scottish Press Award for his lifetime's work. Though a traditional newspaperman, he was immediately aware of the impact that the internet would have on journalism, and in the early 1990s he set up Scotland Online, a joint venture between DC Thomson and Scottish Telecom. In 1991 he became the first Scottish member of the Press Complaints Commission. He was appointed CBE in the same year.Tailored For ScotlandTailored For ScotlandOur price: £20.00ViewTailored for Scotland Author : Deirdre Kinloch Anderson The Glasgow Cookery BookThe Glasgow Cookery BookOur price: £16.99ViewFOR SPECIAL OFFER ON FREE POSTAGE FOR CUSTOMERS IN THE UK, PLEASE SEE BELOW!Tumshie - The Forgotten Halloween Turnip Lantern by Mark MechanTumshie - The Forgotten Halloween Turnip Lantern by Mark MechanOur price: £7.99ViewAvailable from 1 September. Publication date 10 September 2020Whisky, Wit and Wisdom: Light and quirky stories from inside the whisky worldWhisky, Wit and Wisdom: Light and quirky stories from inside the whisky worldOur price: £5.99ViewAuthor: Gavin D Smith
Writing on the Road: Campervan Love and the Joy of SolitudeWriting on the Road: Campervan Love and the Joy of SolitudeOur price: £8.99ViewAuthor: Sue Reid Sexton
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