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The Kitchen Assault Course for Men Who can’t cook and have never had to!

The Kitchen Assault Course for Men Who can’t cook and have never had to!
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Author: Rene La Sagne

The Kitchen Assault Course for Men is written by Scottish legendary chef and Paisley café owner Rene La Sagne. Leaving his native Switzerland to join the Foreign Legion, Rene quickly found his fork, and his forte, in the Catering Corps.

Later, declared TFTF (Too Fat to Fight) and on holiday, and on the dance floor in Sharm El Sheikh he met the woman who was to become his future bride. Hailing from Paisley, the city with an Abbey and the home of Glasgow Airport, and two stations – Paisley, and Paisley Canal - Rene’s bride took him home and showed him how to make one of Scotland’s favourite speciality dishes, mince.

With that skill accomplished, Rene was persuaded to open a café near the Canal, which he named Maison Du Mince, with its very own branded ‘Really Mincey’ napkins, tablecloths and aprons, always on sale to the patrons (but most didn't even bother to steal them).

An instant hit, René was sought by local Paisley papers and media to give tips on cooking, and as the word spread, one dark, cold winter’s night he was shocked and stunned to open his door to Serge, another ex-Legionnaire also TFTF, who turned up looking for refuge. Not from the Catering Corps Serge begged for a job in Maison Du Mince, and to be taught the skills of the kitchen. René, now a celebrity restauranteur, kept notes as he showed Serge how to cook.

René showed Serge that a kitchen is a command post – a power base – and if basic training is mastered and survival skills are learned, men need not starve in the field or be forced to exist on pre-packed rations. Now a book – The Kitchen Assault Course for Men, Serge goes over the top and learns how to go from buttered toast to dinner party host.

In this book, René and Serge take lessons learned from the front line and apply them to the danger zone of the domestic kitchen. In this book you will learn, not only the basics, and be able to fend for yourself, but by the end of the book how to entertain that special date, new friends and an astonished family. The book includes the bonus chapter of how to cope with the unexpected: ‘Oh No! She’s a Veggie’.

RECIPES: René shows you recipes on how to boil an egg; make stock for big soups; make bread; make pâté, cauliflower cheese, boeuf bourguignon, ratatouille and ragoût; make vindaloos that blow your head off, stir-fry recipes to woo and impress; a recipe that shows you how to stuff a marrow; the secrets of le boudin and ‘the fifth quarter’; recipes for beef wellington, salmon en croute, and many other sumptuous dinner party favourites. There are also recipes to show you how to be creative with vegetarian dishes; triumph with desserts – tiramisu, lemon posset and sorbets; dominate with crème brulée, death by chocolate and attractive tarts, and how to dazzle with the killer peaks of a meringue. The mysteries of ‘batch’ cooking unfold, soufflés will rise, pickles can be relished – with this book, the world is your oyster. The book has colour illustrations throughout.

Previous books: "René La Sagne’s celebrity status was established with the critically acclaimed work entitled The Complete Book Of Mince. – ‘Mince is Fit For A Prince’ ." The Sun

Trimmed Page Size: 238 x 168mm. 192 pages. Weight: 330g Date of publication: Published and available

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