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Ireland History of a Nation

Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary, Killarney, County Kerry
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Our price: £7.99

This original and very readable history of Ireland by David Ross tells the story of Ireland from prehistoric times to the present day. Fact windows in the text highlight many noteworthy aspects of Irish history and a chronology gives an overview of Ireland’s major cultural, political and religious trends.

For the greater part of a millennium, while Europe seethed, churned and changed, Ireland did not operate as an independent national state.

While past events in Ireland have often created disarray in British politics, and the history of Ireland is sometimes told as a history of England-in-Ireland, an effort has been made in the writing of this book to tell the story of the Irish people, as the Irish people have maintained a very clear identity for generations.


Chapters feature:

• Ireland in the twenty-first century

• Twentieth century Ireland

• Origins

• The coming of Christianity

• The arrival of the Norseman

• The Anglo-Normans

• Irish reassertion and Richard II, the reformation and the downfall of the Kildares

• Ireland’s Elizabethan Wars

• Ireland under James I and VI

• Ireland in the seventeenth century

• Ireland in the Eighteenth Century

• The age of revolution, and the 1798 rising

• Union and O’Connell

• The nineteenth century and the rebellion of 1848

• The twentieth century (Fenians; home rule; Parnell and the land war; The Land Act; Parnell’s struggle; an agricultural marketing initiative

• Irish society at the turn of the century

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