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Have to say we have three cyclists in our team who are all worried EVEN MORE NOW by cycling on the road to work.… 3 days ago

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Coping and facing fears in a small space - thoughts from Sue Reid Sexton, author of 'Writing on the Road: Campervan Love and the Joy of Solitude''

Sue Reid Sexton has written some of her books in a tiny campervan. She drives to remote spaces to be alone, and to focus on her writing. That said, she is no stranger to fear. In her book, 'Writing on the Road: Campervan Love and the Joy of Solitude', Sue discusses throughout her book: how to challenge yourself, how to cope with fear and isolation, and how to manage anxiety, among other things.

'In my view, and assuming you are not campervanning through a war zone, a modicum of fear can be helpful to the creative process'. Sue describes how she has a van and spends time alone to 'make my inner life and my creative process as alive as possible.'

But it is important to control the fear. She explains the many times she has felt fear, and the years of dealing with it. She also discusses how it is one of the most basic human emotions that we all feel, and the techniques she uses to get on top of it. Sometimes she phones a friend. On other occasions she has got out of the van, and looked instead at the vast night sky, and felt more at one with the universe. And at other times, in the wilds of Scotland, she has dealt with her fear by pinning together the frail curtains in her campervan, shut out the dark and odd noises, and put her sleeping bag over her head. As you do.

From starting to write a book, to finishing one, from spending time enjoying a cup of tea and reflecting that all things pass, Sue is now expert on spending time in a small space and making the best of it.

‘Writing on the Road’ has many five-star reviews and is described as 'an honest and moving story' that 'shows you how to try your hand at writing, or just become a little more reflective and mindful. It's both well written and easy to read.'

Sue recommends many books that have helped her understand her fears, and she also brings new ideas and perspective to how she deals with her old and new fears. Sometimes she changes route or takes steps to contain her feeling of vulnerability. Some people like being scared and a little bit of fear, like a little bit of stress, keeps us moving. A bit like Alain de Botton, the British-Swiss philosopher, who says it is important for this time, right now, to discuss our fear and our vulnerability. It is more important to connect, perhaps, than to boast about well we are coping (especially when we are not) if we wish to make and keep our friends.

Sue gives advice on how to channel any time you spend alone into creative time. Sue's book, 'Writing on the Road' (ISBN 9781849343831) is £8.99 and recommended reading.

And note please, right now, daily, through her Instagram account, Sue is offering help in a meditative short session.

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