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Welly Boot Broth - new book by Mark Mechan


Welcome to the news that Mark Mechan, author of TUMSHIE has a lovely new book published today.

Entitled 'Welly Boot Broth', Mark's new book is about what Elliot's family do when there is only one tin of soup left in the cupboard for lunch. Elliot's dad thinks it is time for Elliot and Dad to venture forth into their garden with their welly boots on, and see what they can do in the vegetable plot and grow for future lunches. Elliot gets a surprise when Elliot sees it is not just vegetables in their garden but also wildlife. Elliot gets distracted from digging, planting, growing and sustainable gardening, by his imagination. Things go further awry and Elliot is learning that life - and growing things - does not always go to plan. However, having a good neighbour and friend can help out and save the day in an unexpected way.

Mark wrote and illustrated a book about Halloween in Scotland last autumn, called Tumshie.

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#halloween #broth #gardening #humour #dinosaurs #family #friends #weeds #snails #wildlife